Ocean Spa BVI is a floating spa, positioned in one of the most enticing and serene saltwater spots in the world. People meet us to experience the warm tropical breeze, gentle lapping waves, and ocean breezes with our specially designed Ocean Spa’s cabanas. They experience equipped hands to get stress-free vacation adventures. We, at Ocean Spa BVI, provide the ideal relaxation experience specifically tailored to your needs.

Sunset Couples Massage

Sunset couples massage is a favorite romantic option, where we provide you and your significant other with a variety of massage treatments to choose from, we provide the ideal relaxation experience specially tailored to your specifications.

We are in a location that allows access to the most amazing sunsets. Our signature couples massage is designed with you in mind. Let us pamper you with this special treatment done on one of the most alluring and serene spots having the salty waves around.

Ocean Oasis Massage

Ocean Oasis Massage combines the rejuvenating and stress-relieving benefits of a professional, full-body massage with the natural beauty of the Caribbean ocean in a private beachfront oasis.

Our Ocean Oasis Massage uses a combination of techniques including gentle Swedish massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and Esalen.

The Ocean Spa BVI offers a private beach-side massage setting where clients and therapists can connect in a natural, relaxing environment. Our experienced therapists work with you to create a custom body treatment to help ease the stresses and leave you feeling relaxed.

Ocean Bliss Aromatherapy

The bliss of being pampered; a rejuvenating retreat that will refresh both body and mind. Our Aromatherapy treatments are divine. Our signature Ocean Bliss Aromatherapy treatments utilize specific olfactory sensations to enhance your ocean relaxation. Sweetly scented water enhances the experience and your sense of well-being.

Ocean Bliss treatments activate your body’s natural healing abilities.
We understand that it is not easy to relax in the midst of the stimulation and stress of our contemporary lives. Our Ocean Bliss creates an ambiance, which is vital to the success of our therapy. Our specially blended oils are extracted from herbs, leaves, roots, or the bark of a tree. The scents are highly concentrated and very essential. Let Ocean Bliss therapy soothe you with the practice techniques in peaceful surroundings on our floating Spa boat.

Ocean Head Massage

Soothe your aching head and relax your stressed mind beneath the rhythmic, soothing strokes of our Ocean Head Massage on the island of Jost Van Dyke, in White Bay (BVI).

Enjoy a soothing, full-body massage of the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Our experienced masseurs will ease the tension in these areas by using proven methods to relieve stress and lull your body into a state of total relaxation. As you relax and unwind, we’ll follow the rhythm of your strokes to massage and massage the tension from your scalp.

Ocean Spa BVI is the premier destination for holistic wellness, rest, and relaxation. We use the most unique and powerful of nature’s ocean energy to support a healthy lifestyle!

Couples Massages

We offer Couples Massages in our Ocean Spa BVI. We specialize in pampering. Our couples massage is designed to be soothing and relaxing.
Couples massage treatments are for you and your partner to enjoy as a couple. Treat yourself and your partner to Couples Massages. Ocean Spa BVI is a beautiful secluded location nestled in the British Virgin Islands.

Moonlight & Champagne Couples Massage

A perfect harmony of body, mind & soul. Breath of fresh air for two with moonlight and champagne, or a full body massage for two in a private floating sanctuary. Seated in the Moonlight & Champagne Room, you will enjoy a tranquil (*X minute) treatment of your choice. The stylish candle-lit cabin is comforting and romantic.

Treat yourselves to a pleasurable experience in an ultra-romantic setting. Indulge in an oceanfront couple’s massage under the stars while sipping on champagne. Whether you are honeymooning or just celebrating an anniversary, this special massage will leave you feeling relaxed and re-energized.

Private Spa Parties

A Spa Party or Spa catch-up is a novel idea that combines double the fun with a gathering at a spa rather than a conventional coffeehouse. Over a peaceful session of spa or salon services, catch up with friends, family, or even coworkers!

Reservations are required to ensure that the Spa is fully staffed with personnel to provide the ultimate spa experience to you and your guests. Our service packages are catered to the specific needs and interests of your group. From the perfect party for a few friends to a complete pampering luxury experience for an entire wedding party. We have something for everyone! For more information or to schedule your Private Spa Party please call us at…!